How Your Body Language Can Affect Your Interview

Consciously or unconsciously your body expresses your inner thoughts and attitudes. Being in control of what your actions convey may save your interview and further impress the person interviewing you.

• A firm handshake will give a good impression – but not too firm which can appear aggressive and arrogant.

• Arms folded across the chest translates as defensive.

• Leaning forward shows that you are interested in what the person is saying.

• Head tilted to the side shows interest as does nodding the head. Holding the head straight up signals a neutral attitude to what is being said while the head down reads as negative and judgmental.

• Bringing a hand to the back of the neck shows that you are trying to pull out of the conversation.

• Legs crossed can make you look lopsided and therefore lacking in confidence or feeling defensive. Sit straight facing the interviewer directly.

• Picking imaginary fluff from clothing signals that you don’t agree with what is being said.

• Thumb twiddling, finger drumming and other means of fidgeting show that you would rather be elsewhere and are not paying attention.

Body language works both ways. If you observe the person interviewing you display any of these tendencies showing that they are bored or are in disagreement with you, use this knowledge to turn the interview around in your favour.


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