Why Resumes Are Rejected


Your resume must convey a first impression of who your are, what you have done and how you benefitted the company in which you were employed. If your resume does not attract the attention of the reader in the first 20-30 seconds the chances of an interview are greatly reduced. What an employer wants to know is why they should invite you to an interview.The following are common mistakes made in resumes that will guarantee you do NOT get an interview:

• Typographical errors, mis-spellings and poor grammar make you appear lazy and careless.

• Too much information. While a potential employer needs to understand the fullness of your experience in the workplace, a lengthy life history becomes tedious. Remember, an employer will have dozens of resumes to go through and probably only a couple of hours in which to make a selection.

• Badly organized information. If people cannot find the information they need to know quickly and easily, they will move on. How your resume looks says a lot about you and if it is uneven with some headings bold and others capitalized, etc., it will tell a prospective employer that you have little attention to detail.

• Not results oriented. Your resume is your initial sales tool. Job descriptions without the achievements made will relegate you to the elimination pile. If your resume does not convey to the employer the benefits of hiring you, it has failed.


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