Looking Ahead: The Top Accounting and Finance Jobs for spring 2016


If you are looking for a job in accounting or finance this year, the following positions are predicted to be in high demand:

  1. Accounting clerk: Provide support to help organizations meet financial obligations
  2. Accounts payable: Prepare and keep financial transaction up to date
  3. Bookkeeper: Maintain accounting books and financial records for companies
  4. Collections specialist: Working for a collections agency, you will provide administrative support for business operations
  5. Financial analyst: Analysis of financial data and forecasting of future results
  6. Staff accountant: Work with senior accountants to prepare for audits
  7. Tax accountant: Preparing federal and provincial tax returns for businesses and individuals
  8. Mortgage and loan professional: Work with homeowners to secure mortgages, loans, and other financial products

Regardless of where you are in your career, there are opportunities for finance professionals.

Learn more about careers in the finance and accounting industry in Toronto by reading:

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Canada’s Best Financial Jobs of 2015

By Liz Holland, Toronto Accounting & Finance Recruiter
Finance and accounting jobs are popular career choices. There is a wide selection of career options and titles within the finance industry and finance careers in other industries. Whether you are a new graduate, looking for a promotion, feel that it’s time to move on the next chapter in your career, or even if you are happy where you are – it’s important to keep an eye on the top jobs and opportunities in your profession.
As we look at the year that was and set our career goals and objectives for 2016, it’s important to understand where the job market is and what it has to offer finance and accounting professionals. We have put together a list of some of the top jobs in the industry:
According to the Canadian Business Top 100 Jobs list, there were a number of financial and accounting jobs that made the list. For finance professionals, this is a great place to start with a job search. The accounting and finance jobs that made the list were:

Financial Administrator
Real Estate and Financial Manager
Accounting Executive
Accounting Consultant
Financial Analyst

Many of these titles will likely continue to be popular career options in through 2016 and beyond.

Don’t Mock the Millennials

girl relaxing on a sofa

Millennials now represent the largest workforce.
Born between 1980 and 2000 this new generation has developed their workplace attitude from doting parents who raised them in a secure environment where everyone was a winner and no one was a loser and where differences in people was to be celebrated not shunned.
We may look at them as a group with an overblown sense of entitlement wanting to dress their own way, listen to their ipods while working (preferably from home). They even want flexible work schedules and longer vacation time. Unbelievable!
And yet, they are also confident and ambitious and know way more than anyone else when it comes to being tech-savvy. This is a valuable addition to any company as long as that company is able to change and expand the way they want things run.
For instance, Millennials entered into the workforce during the recession when the only way to stand out was to learn skills that out-stripped the competition.
They want career advancement and they want the opportunity to develop the professional skillsets to get there.
Millennials have a very entrepreneurial mindset. Think about it – their peers started companies such as Facebook, Apple, Tumblr – career achievement is no longer about years of loyalty climbing the corporate ladder, it’s about having skills and being able to hustle. Time is everything and nothing.
Growing up during the the war in Iraq and all the related new age disasters has caused these 20-30 somethings to feel personally responsible for making the world a better place. They want to do work that matters and to make a difference.
And one more thing: these Millennials are not tied down. Most of them do not own cars, homes or have families.

So how do you as an employer stop complaining about limited attention spans and start making it work for you?
1.  Get out of their way – they are faster than you and a lot smarter about the new and constantly evolving world of technology. Lighten up on dress codes and office etiquette. Who really cares anymore? Get the job done by people who want to do it and do it well.
2.  Introduce more transparency. Millennials grew up with the financial crash and political scandals – they do not believe that the company CEO is a wise and wonderful wizard. Let them in on what the company has done and where it is going and welcome their input on how to make it better.
3. Respect works both ways.  Millennials have a need for structure and leadership but at the same time they expect that their ideas be considered and respected.
4. Millenials are great team members. Encourage them to get involved and run with their “can-do” attitude. They will accomplish more and in a better way.

The buttoned-up, conservative business world is changing and changing fast. The future is looking very Millennial so get behind it.