Humanity in the Workplace


How Great Companies Take Care of their Employees

The cost of replacing employees is between $15 – 25,000. 60% of millennial’s will leave after three years either for more money or for a better work situation.

Think about it: when asked to do more with less, be accessible 24/7, and respond to emails the moment they hit our inboxes, we sacrifice our personal priorities. We’ll put healthy habits – exercising, eating healthily, getting enough sleep – on the back burner because we’re squeezed for time, overwhelmed, and stressed out. The result? A disconnected workforce that feels unappreciated, and can’t engage in the first place.

Large companies have finally woken up to the concept that creating a flexible, caring and inclusive environment is the way to keep their people working for them. They have realised that being kind, respectful, encouraging and supportive create happy employees – the key to a great business


Here is what makes people want to stay:


Allowing employees to be individuals by setting overall guidelines and then allowing the employees to express their individuality from within those guidelines.

Setting Logical Expectations

The only thing worse than being criticized for doing something you were supposed to do is not knowing what is expected of you. Good companies are clear about their guidelines and take the time to explain what is expected of their employees.

Building a Great Sense of Team

People work more effectively with others than they do on their own. The key is to create a sense of value for each employee and how their efforts impact everyone else’s contribution. This includes building an environment of trust and effective communication. Relate to your employees, don’t be the big I Am.

Encouraging Unique Ideas and Input

The difference between employees who care and those that don’t is whether or not their ideas are taken seriously. Asking individuals what could be done to make something better or if they have suggestions for improving on an idea allows employees to feel their input is of value. When a proposition isn’t feasible explaining the reasons why it won’t work usually triggers a better idea. Employees who provide input care about the company and want to make ‘our company’ better.

Treating Employees Fairly

Each employee is different. Some come in late and do a stellar job while there while others come in on time but occasionally flounder. Sometimes a confidence boost is required, other times a reality check can do the trick. Recognizing that people are people and not machines are treating them so gets the best out of everyone.

Positive Feedback

Hearing that you have done a good job never gets tired. In fact it inspires employees to work harder so you can tell them again how great they did. Giving clear praise for a specific undertaking rather than a mere “nice job” goes a long way to foster great relations in the workplace.

Showing that you really care about your employees causes them to care about you and the company that they work for.


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